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16 May 16:30City Network Hosting AB

Hosted & attended by cloud geeks

CloudBeer is casual meetups for people who want to learn, teach and discuss cloud related topics.

By hosting small events that evolve around good food and cloud computing we hope to learn new things, get new perspectives and meet new friends. The main focus of these events is of course Cloud Computing and our aim is to make CloudBeer your favourite spot to meet like-minded people in your area, where no topic is discarded and everyone get´s to bring something to the table.


  • 16.30 - Welcome mingle
    • 17.00 - Robert Colvin - #IoT
    • 17.30 - Tobias Rydberg - #OpenStack
    • 18.00 - Mikael Lagström - #CloudHopper
  • 18.30 - Food arrives
    • 19.00 - Kim Hindart - #GDPR
    • 19.30 - Iurii Andrushko - #BGP
    • 20.00 - Avinash Kiran Ivvala - #CloudSecurity 
  • 20.30 - Beer knowledge
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Robert Colvin

Connecting Everything: An Introduction to Building IoT on Telenor Connexions Cloud Connect

Telenor Connexion's Cloud Connect reduces the barrier of entry to connecting devices in this age of IoT. In this talk, we will walk through getting your things online.

Robert Colvin

A native of Australia, Robert has worked as a System Architect for Ericsson to design and implement pre-paid charging systems for some of worlds largest operators including Vodafone, Grameenphone, & eMobile amongst others. Recently he has worked as a System Developer, Team Leader and IT Consultant for Sigma ITC. Additionally he founded Six8 Labs (web, mobile and graphic design) as well as Craftbrewer Magazine.

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Tobias Rydberg
Senior Developer

Getting Started with OpenStack

Summary TBA

Tobias Rydberg

Over 10 years industry experience with a focus on web applications/systems. Todays focus is designing City Networks cloud management platform, based on OpenStack. 

Have been working with OpenStack for the last two years, touching the most of the core modules of OpenStack.

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Kim Hindart

Getting your cloud GDPR-ready - The love/hate relationship with the Germans

Yay! We finally have the exact technical requirements needed to be compliant with GDPR. By taking it to court the Germans have brought some clarity to an otherwise cloudy (foggy) law - The GDPR.

Now that we know, we're not that much happier... 

Kim Hindart

Huge Open Source fan boy and developer. With a background in mobility and especially Symbian and Android. I am a really geeky dude that was forced to handle security and compliance so the only coding I do is on my spare time. Luckily that's also what I like to do in my spare time, work. But real work and not just a lot of complinace and regulations but something that is acctually for the betterment of mankind.

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Iurii Andrushko
Network specialist

Networking challenge: BGP routing “without” BGP

Internet needs BGP and we, that makes Internet happen, need it as well. But do we really need to run it in a way we do it right now? This would be a conversation with open-ended question: can we somehow substitute expensive equipment without loosing functionality?

Iurii Andrushko

Ukrainan by origin, I’ve found myself doing networking at Ballou Internet Services AB. All of my conscious life is tied with network and security stuff beginning with learning it in Kharkiv as a student, then teaching in Cisco Networking Academy and later on – at BTH. 3 years ago I’ve switched from teaching to field work. And luckily even now I’m doing what I’m burning for – networking.

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Mikael Månsson Lagström
VP Security Services & General Manager

The Cyberattack named ”Cloud Hopper”

An extensive international cyberattack has been put to light. The Cyber attack has been named ”Cloud Hopper” and the actor is named ”APT10”. The attacks has been via infrastructure service companies, and spread on to their customers. Therefor a large number of clients and companies are likely suffered. Sweden is one of the countries where this has been identified and TrueSec is one of the players involved in the forensic investigations.

The attack has been going on at least since 2016 but likely started already back in 2014. One MSP (Managed service provider) has been attacked that are managing services for their customers, and are connected to their infrastructure. Via that, access were given to their internal networks…


What happend? How did it happen? What is going on now? How often do we see this? 

Mikael Månsson Lagström

25 years of IT & Telecom experience in Telco-operator, infrastructure and consultancy, but also leader of large extensive infrastructure outsourcing in Telco. Last 6 years focus on international and national Cyber security and hacker organizations, and now being one of the leaders of IT security company TrueSec. When I’m not working, I prefer to spend my time on my boat in the archipelago. Fun/odd fact: I was one of the advisors in author David Lagercrantz research for his bestseller book in the Millenium serie about the hacker Lisbeth Salander.

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Avinash Kiran Ivvala
Computer Science Graduate Student

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems for Cloud Computing Security

The presentation will cover:

  • Cloud security importance
  • Use of IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)
  • Snort IPS

The listeners of the presentation will know the answers to the questions like

  • Why is the maintaining of cloud security important?
  • How IDS and IPS maintain the security of Cloud?
  • How "Snort" which is an open source IDS tool help in maintaining the cloud security and what are the features resides in it?

Avinash Kiran Ivvala

Avinash Kiran Ivvala is a diligent, self-motivated and analytical computer science graduate student at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. He has done his bachelor's in computer science at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India. He is passionate about security related topics from his childhood. He developed his interest in cloud computing during his bachelor's. Combining his passion and interest, he has done several projects in his academics. In the course “Advanced Topic in Computing” he conducted a survey and literature review to identify the security awareness of mobile users and achieved “A” grade.

Until recently, he was working on his master’s thesis, which focuses on cloud security against DoS and DDoS attacks. During this period, he studied the features and functioning of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in maintaining the security of Cloud Computing and gained comprehensive practical knowledge of Snort Intrusion Prevention System. 

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